Bigger Table

Bigger Table

Bigger Table brings together food and beverage industry companies to donate time, services, know-how, ingredients, flavors, and skills to develop healthy servings of nutritious, shelf-stable food for area food banks and pantries. These collaborative projects not only deliver a nutritious product to those who need it—it also pioneers a new way for companies and communities to feed the hungry.

Meeting Increasing Need

In reaction to a growing need, Bigger Table is expanding to provide more healthy food to communities where there is increased food insecurity. After successfully creating and distributing 200,000 servings in 2020, Bigger Table is convening partners and suppliers in February 2021 for 300,000 additional servings of high-protein chocolate meal replacement beverage vetted for nutrition, quality and safety, and more. Work for increased servings—including “center of the plate” items such as soups and chili kits—will bring total meals provided to over 1.5M in 2021. Bigger Table is reaching into the food supply chain to make impactful changes, preventing real, nutritious food from being wasted, and getting it into the hands of those that need it most.


More Programs

Workforce Development for Food & Beverage Manufacturing

This program will provide industry employers with a pool of highly qualified entry-level, mid and high-skill-level workers to meet the production demands of the industry as well as provide workers with the appropriate skills to access quality food industry jobs.  By helping train and connect people to opportunities in the food & beverage manufacturing, we can grow Chicagoland’s economy, and invest in our local communities.  Contact us to learn more.

Bigger Table Fund
Grow chicago Fund

Grow Chicago Seed Fund

In partnership with Dobson Avenue Partners, we are supporting the launch of the Grow Chicago Fund, a Seed Fund designed to support women and minority entrepreneurs in the food & beverage space in the greater Chicago area.