Fresh Has No Boundaries

Partner with Us This Summer!

Did you know that 13.5 MM Americans report that they live in a food desert and have limited to no access to fresh foods? Without consistent access to fresh, nutritious foods these Americans are at risk of missing out on essential nutrients for proper growth and health.

For populations like children and seniors, a balanced diet can be particularly essential to succeeding in school, complementing medication, and battling disease. Unfortunately, nutrition-related illnesses disproportionately affect food-insecure people. However, without the proper refrigeration infrastructure throughout the feeding network, Food banks and pantries across the country have difficulty providing consistent access to fresh foods like dairy, produce and meats that offer optimal nutrition.

We can work to fix this challenge together - Join the Fresh Has No Boundaries Campaign this Summer and let’s provide refrigeration and transportation solutions to our Feeding Partners!

Fresh has no Boundaries

What is the Fresh Has No Boundaries Campaign?

Fresh Has No Boundaries is a campaign designed to create awareness of the desperate need of refrigeration infrastructure throughout the U.S charitable food and school systems, while providing innovative solutions to offer equal access to fresh foods that truly nourish and power the potential of every American.

Fresh has no Boundaries

How can you support this effort?

Join Cooler Management and Feeding America - Northern Illinois Food Bank this summer to make an impact on rural and underserved communities in greater Chicagoland by providing the ability to deliver fresh, nutritious foods with a Park It Market or refrigeration units.

Fresh has no Boundaries

Goal of partnership This Summer

Let’s partner together to raise funding for:

* Park It Market ( Refrigerated Mobile Market) to award during in September ($150,000)

* Refrigeration coolers to award to local food pantries/food banks in September ($5000 each)

Join the Fresh Has No Boundaries Movement! Here’s how to participate.

Participate by donating to the Fresh Has No Boundaries campaign (June- August).

Run a sales drive for your business under Fresh Has No Boundaries campaign for June- August, with a minimum donation guarantee.

Example: For every box of cereal that is sold during the month of June a donation is made to the Fresh Has No Boundaries campaign

Example: For every placement of a candidate throughout the month of June and July, a $200 donation is made to Fresh Has No Boundaries Campaign


Want to learn more about participating in Fresh Has No Boundaries or the Park It Market? Contact Melissa Malcolm-Cullison at Cooler Management,

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The Fresh Has No Boundaries Campaign is an initiative of Cooler Management, Inc,. Donations made to the Fresh campaign support adding refrigeration in food banks and pantries. Bigger Table is proud to act as the fiscal sponsor for Fresh Has No Boundaries.